Ready for Horseback season south of Jackson, WY

Ready for Horseback season south of Jackson, WY
May 6, 2016
August 2017 Solar Eclipse
May 8, 2017
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Horseback riding 2016

Gearing up for Horseback Riding in wild country south of Yellowstone National Park!

As the land changes from the harsh and cold of winter, to the wildlife packed lushness of spring, so does GRBTO change gears. Snow is melting in the crannies of the fields and forests and new life is filling the space. The elk and mule deer are moving to summer grounds and having young.  We are getting ready for trail riding near Jackson Hole, WY—anxious for a stroll via horseback.

We enjoy every change this still-wild place has to offer, just outside of Yellowstone National Park, but my personal favorite is when we can use horses to explore our amazing area…but there is much to do in preparation.

Green River & Bridger-Teton Outfitters are getting ready: freshening up the horses, brushing all that winter hair off and doing a lot of hugging and scratching. The farrier has been called so our trusty steeds can get new shoes and we can begin conditioning them in earnest! There are trails to ride and clear since Mother Nature was sure to knock down a tree or two this winter. All the horses are feeling primed for the change and so are we.

early trail riding       riding horses checking trails

Checking trails doesn’t feel like work…

Horses aren’t the only thing we need to ready. We are pulling out tents and teepees from their winter rest. Cots and pads, tables and wood stoves all need a final check before they find their place for the summer season. And the historic trappers cabin…although we have utilized it all winter, it is time for some minor repairs and rearranging. Oh dear, the list is endless…better get to it!

early view of the Sawtooth Mountains               checking camp
View from camp

Yes, like I said, the actual horseback riding is the carrot, but I have to say, that even though it is work to get everything else rolling, it is a wonderful and welcomed change of pace. Green River & Bridger-Teton Outfitters have many different options and regardless of the ride or package that you pick, our terrific guides and trusty horses won’t let you down!

        GRBTO is getting to be ready for this horseback riding season.
You should too! Give us a call.