Wyoming Deer Hunting

wyoming deer hunting

This hunt has been described as the “poor man’s sheep hunt.” In the summer and fall, many large bucks make their home in the rim rock ledges above the timberline in the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area.

It is a thrill in the high country, where the views are spectacular and so are the trophy bucks. We have maintained a 100% success rate for many years. The populace of mule deer in our areas (152, 154, 155, 162) allows us to specialize in trophy hunts.

We highly recommend conditioning yourself before embarking on your Wyoming Deer hunting trip. The high altitude and rugged terrain are obstacles that are less inhibiting if you take the time to prepare yourself physically. As you plan, remember that there will be some unavoidable riding, thus, spending some time on horseback prior to your hunt is advised. The more physically conditioned you are, the more hunting options and opportunities will be available to you. Hunting here is a physical activity; you will likely be up well before the sun and riding or walking much of the day.

Call us at 307-733-1044 or visit our Contact Us page to check availability and for answers to any questions.

wyoming deer hunting

This season starts in the beginning of September and runs into the first week of October. The timing does allow hunters the opportunity to do a combined deer and archery elk hunt in our region.

When applying for a license, you will apply for Region H.

This is a demanding hunt ranging from 9,500 to 11,500 feet. The horse ride getting to the prime areas will vary and could entail several hours. Those who undergo physical conditioning or maintain their physique usually enjoy greater success. Although the terrain is rugged, our hunter harvest has retained a 100% the last several years.

Mule Deer: Archery Starts at $5200 per person 5 Day Hunt
Mule Deer: Rifle Starts at $5000 per person 5 Day Hunt

Plus pack in and pack out days

Important Information

wyoming deer hunting

For license application information you must go online to

WY Game & Fish

Deer applications must be in by May 31.

All online applications must arrive in the Cheyenne office by midnight mountain standard time (MST) on the deadline date.  Fees must be paid in full when the application is submitted. Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded their license fees minus the application fee.

Preference Points: All applicants have the option of purchasing preference points to help assure they will draw a license. Applications for preference points can be obtained in July and must be submitted by the end of October to receive this advantage for the following year. We strongly advise the purchase of a preference point. The cost for a deer preference point is $40.


A payment of $500 is required to secure a booking. Upon successful drawing of a license, 1/2 of the cost of the hunt solidifies your reservation. Once a booking is made, the deposit is not refundable. The balance is due two weeks prior to your hunt.

Hunters who are unsuccessful in the drawing will receive a deposit refund within 30 days, if requested or may apply the deposit to a future hunt or one of our other great activities. 

Call us at 307-733-1044 or visit our Contact Us page for questions and bookings.

wyoming deer hunting

What to Bring

Much of what you should bring will be necessities no matter when you come. However, our seasons span a period of time when conditions can vary immensely.

Check our general hunting page, or click on the following for a downloadable supply list that you can print.



When to Arrive…

We need you to arrive the day prior to your scheduled hunt. You must be available no later than 3 p.m. to be transported to the camp. If you are flying, plan your itinerary so you can get to our trailhead in time. If you are driving, please schedule your arrival accordingly. We will finalize pick ups and meeting times once all the schedules are set.


wyoming deer hunting

To access our area, you will travel Route 191 north of Pinedale and south of Jackson. We are just outside of Bondurant, WY.

If you are driving, you will meet us at our trail head.

If you are flying, arrange your flight so that you can arrive or be transported to our trail head by 3 p.m. on the day prior to your hunt. We do provide pickup from the Jackson airport and Jackson motels.

For additional information about airport options, go to our Important information page.