August 2017 Solar Eclipse

Ready for Horseback season south of Jackson, WY
May 6, 2016
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2017 Total Solar Eclipse

We are getting ready for a spectacular event coming this August to our area in Wyoming. A total solar eclipse will be visible and we are in the path of totality.

What is a total eclipse of the sun? This phenomenon happens when moon completely blocks the sun and daytime becomes twilight, while the sun’s corona shines in the dark sky. This has to be one of nature’s most unimaginably, beautiful scenes. And we are in the relatively thin stretch, only about 70 miles wide, of totality. This means that we will be in total blackness, when the sun and the moon and the earth are all perfectly lined up!

If you are like me and did not really understand the magnificent scope of this unbelievable event, there are several wonderful places to get additional information. The more I know about this, the more exciting it is becoming. One of the many informative sites is

A great view!   Riding near Jackson Hole WY

To add to the excitement, we at Green River & Bridger-Teton Outfitters are hosting a Once in a Lifetime opportunity to see this spectacular celestial event in the remote backcountry of WY, where we will ride horses, getting high and away to witness the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. PLUS, we will have Elaine Crumley with us, a knowledgeable retired teacher who helped prepare the community in Easter Island for the 2010 total eclipse, and was instrumental in acquiring our local planetarium. That is not all, there will be more horseback riding in the wilds of beautiful WY and many other activities during this five day extravaganza.    Please visit us online, or give us a call if you would like to hear more about this fantastic opportunity!
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