Historic Craig Cabin Camp

The solitude and tranquility of our Jack Creek Camp, recently added to the National Registry of Historic Places, are sure to provide an unforgettable backdrop for your wilderness adventure. Used during the summer season and much of our hunting season, this pristine wilderness in the southern part of the Gros Ventre Mountains is largely untraveled and held in high regard by the locals. Our scenic horseback rides, hiking, wildlife photography trips and winter activities feature this historic site, which was built by a fur trapper and is adjacent to an ancient Indian trail. Whether you use it for a base camp to return to each evening, stay here for several peaceful nights, or just visit for an afternoon, it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The camp’s location, comforts, atmosphere, and our excellent service also make this locale perfect for hosting a retreat or corporate outing. We will take care of all your meals and logistics and can even help plan activities if desired. That way you can be free to conduct training, classes, or activities while we do all of the background work.

Why we are unique…

Just 35 miles south of Jackson, Wyoming, our cabins in Wyoming sit in the heart of the Bridger-Teton National Forest at the base of the spectacular Gros Ventre Wilderness Area. Nearby, the clear, sparkling waters of Jack Creek parallel an ancient Indian trail, which, in decades past, was an important migration route between the Tetons and the headwaters of the Green River. In October of 2016 the Craig Cabin Site was added to the National Registry of Hisoric Places!   Our Jack Creek camp is a wonderful place to “come home” to. Come for lunch, or stay for a week. The camp is designed to suit everyone and will most assuredly make many happy memories.

Our Craig Cabin camp is equipped with a shower, a wilderness sauna, an outhouse, a horseshoe pit and tomahawk target. We’ve even been known to rig up a basketball “court.”  There are trails to wander, streams to fish or wade in, and beauty everywhere you look. So whether you are playing or relaxing…we have it all.

During the summer season, our guests can stay in our roomy tipis, unique and comfortable quarters that add to the adventure and mystique of this fabulous experience. Soak in the ever-changing beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains that rise above camp, or wander up the drainage to see the remnants of the sluice where a hopeful miner searched for gold many years ago.

All tipis and wall tents come equipped with comfortable cots and pads, tables, gas lights, wash basins, wood stoves or propane heaters. The historic cabin serves as a great gathering area, to dine, read or just enjoy each other’s company in the surroundings that have been making memories for more than 115 years!

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Dell Creek Base Camp & Spike Camp for Hunts

Our Dell Creek camp is beautifully and strategically located at the base of the Gros Ventre Mountains, just around the “elbow” of the Jack Creek Camp.

Here, in this spectacular meadow, we set up a luxurious tent camp in hunting season, complete with a kitchen, outhouse, and shower. You will be surprised how comfortable an experienced outfitter can make your stay.

As is standard at our base camps, the lodging is supplied with comfortable cots, thick pads, and lanterns. You will enjoy a shower and delicious meals. In addition, Dell Creek provides fishing opportunities (you will need to purchase a license) right at camp.

From this camp, we have access to different drainages and have huge country at our doorstep. We utilize this camp for our elk and deer hunts; we can also use this prime spot in the summer season for our multi-day and progressive pack trips.

We also utilize a hunting spike camp that is at the base of the Sawtooth, deep in the wilderness, in an area that is away from our base and allows us to get to additional high country areas for more hunting opportunities.

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